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First recognized in the summer of 1957 in a tent meeting. A proposal was made by 4 men to begin the Gospel work of building a new church in the Whiteland community. With a membership of 8 adults and 8 children in attendance the church was officially incorporated and recognized as a Baptist assembly by the State Convention of Baptists November 2, 1958. Construction consisted of 4 separate expansions with the first addition in 1959, then again in 1961 and 1964 and the final phase of construction in 1974. In just 25 years the building you see now was completed and owned solely by the congregation. In the first 34 years the church blossomed to a membership of 700 with over 1,000 recorded baptisms. God had shown the power of the Gospel in the dedication of his people.

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I have known only two churches in my life. God found me and planted my family in a small Baptist church nearly 25 years ago and then called me into full time service here in New Whiteland in 2010. I had been blessed with success in a career that allowed me to attend seminary and maintain a healthy marriage and family life. I was content with being a fill-in preacher for pastors in need of vacation time or medical absence. I was satisfied with serving as deacon and teaching class for our own church. We (my family and I) had a loving relationship to everyone in our church and considered them as family. We had no reason or desire to ever leave the fellowship we had come to love so deeply… but God had other plans.

I visited New Whiteland Baptist to aid an interim pastor who was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the demands of the service required. Soon after I began to teach a call to the pastorate was given and God compelled me to respond. The day was bittersweet as my family and I would be welcomed by a host of new friends and opportunity to love a new family of believers and yet say farewell to those we had come to love.

I have a very simple approach to ministry and it is one I feel is desperately needed in today’s social environment.

  • I believe we are a priesthood of believers and that God desires to do through you whatever He has done to you! The power of personal testimony is key to the promotion of the Gospel. People need to hear more than just what God has done in the past. I believe people want and need to hear what God has done and is currently doing to you in your lifetime in hopes that He might do the same in theirs!

  • I believe that salvation is a wonderful act of God not a work of religion or rituals. Too many people have had an involvement with religion and yet have no evidence of lasting change. God will welcome you as He found you but He will not leave you like He found you! No one comes into a relationship with a holy God and walks away unchanged! When we see believers… churches… people of authority permit and even welcome behaviors that are clearly addressed in Scripture as sin… the problem is not that the content or context is unclear… but that the application of God’s mandates are contrary to our desires and social popularity.

  • I believe that God’s Bible are His Words of hope and instruction for all people. These words are unlike any other in the world in how they are complex enough to confound the greatest intellect and yet plain enough that even the simple mind of a child can understand. A wise man once told me to prepare as if your message is intended for a professor and deliver them as you would to a student.


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Pastor Jeff Sanders




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